A Medieval Experience in Prague

Dreaming of the perfect get-away? How about a medieval experience in Prague? Romantic yet thrilling, Prague attracts more tourists than ever because of the fascinating history it conceals within its walls. Although it has been overthrown, invaded, set on fire and flooded it has maintained a reputation for survival and perseverance.  For those of you with an eye for architecture, the churches and bridges strolling along narrow streets create the scene of a perfect vacation.


Prague Attractions

There is something simply mesmerizing about this European Capital. The winding streets, the historically filled buildings, the nice people, contribute to the unique flavor that is Prague. You can almost feel as if time has stopped in this medieval paradise. The city is divided into several districts (The Old Town, the Jewish Town) which are all very different and attractive. One of the most beautiful things you can visit here is the old 9th century castle and the great pubs and cafes.

Although it has been overlooked by the weary traveler, Prague could not remain overshadowed for long by its western neighbors. Its charms are irresistible even to the most jaded of visitors. The top attractions such as the Prague Castle or the Charles Bridge often offer entry free of charge, and the affordable prices of hotels, which offer rooms at a fraction of the cost of similar European establishments make Prague a destination worth taking into consideration.

Among the top destinations, St. Vitus Cathedral is a must-see of the capital, one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europe. It is named after St. Vitus, the patron saint of epileptics, comedians, dancers, and actors and was completed in the early 20th century. Inside its walls, you will find the window work of Alfons Mucha, a representative of Art Nuveau in the Czech Republic as well as the silver-work belonging to the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk.

Prague Hotels

Before starting your medieval experience in Prague, you should book a hotel for your stay. Note that most hotels offer complimentary breakfasts, so be sure to eat before venting out into the new world that awaits just outside the hotel doors. We recommend staying in the center of the city, so you can quickly access all the attractions Prague has to offer.

After exploring the medieval cathedrals, you can take a stroll in the Old Town Square. You can gaze at the Prague Astronomical Clock, dating back to the 1400s or simply enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants which set up shop outdoors. If opera, theater or ballet is what you are looking for, the National Theater is the place to be. It offers affordable prices for both plays and operas and subtitles for most performances, so that tourists are also able to follow along. How was your medieval experience in Prague? Let us know in the comments section.

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