An Adventure in Chile

For those of us who crave to escape the busy city life and forget about everything to do with civilization Chile is the place to be – the country stretching over half the continent, from massive glacial fields to the driest desert of the world, being home to long sunny beaches, angry volcanoes, geysers , rivers, islands and many more. The only thing you should bother yourself with is deciding what it is you really want to see : may it be the desert stillness, Easter Island, or the spindly fjords.

Hosts are hospitable and friendly, and the beauty of the scenery is enough to turn even the most harsh man into a poet, a painter or a dreamer. Families are so fond of travelers that you might just find yourself cooking potatoes together with them for supper.

After having decided what it is you want to visit, you may want to reconsider and glance at the beauties Northern Patagonia has to offer – although most of us think that Southern Patagonia hosts the most pristine part of Chile, the lands of Northern Patagonia are the most underpopulated in entire Chile. You will be just taken away by its old forests, the long and raging rivers, never-ending steppes and serpentine fjords.

If you appreciate wildlife in natural habitats I might recommend the Parquue Nacional Chiloe, just 54 km west of Castro – it houses 110 different types of birds, foxes and even the pudú. The only thing to keep in mind when visiting the park is that you are at the mercy of Chilean weather : Pacific storms are often, so if you are planning walks longer than 30 minutes you should wear water-resistant footwear.

When even this does not play the strings of your soul, a trip down south might just be your heart’s desire – snowy volcanoes towering over lakes and green hills. Tons of adventures await here : from hill climbing to water rafting, hiking, hopping, hot-springs and last but not least sharing a drink with the locals. They are still marked by rural roots and most of them still make homemade jams, split wood and work their lands as a part of their daily chores

So just pack a bag, sunglasses, a hat, water-resistant clothes, get ahold of your map and book a ticket to a place where people have not forgotten how we are meant to live out our lives – in communion with nature and its gifts, and who knows , you might just come back a changed man!

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