Best Sandals Resort: 10 Most Extravagant Destinations

If you’re searching for a memorable place to spend some time alone away from the buzz of the city, spoil your family with a fine treat or maybe go on a honeymoon, you just hit the jackpot! This list features the best Sandals resort recommendations that you can take into consideration the next time you plan your vacation.

You will find here a compilation of the most luxurious and exotic places on Earth where you can just relax and forget about everything. However, if you’re visiting one of these corners of paradise with your spouse, it is strongly advised not to forget about her.

1. Sandals LaSource Resort & Spa – Grenada

room with an ocean view


Although it is not the largest among the best Sandals resort suggestions, this particular piece of Heaven benefits from a range of outstanding services and landscapes that top most beach resorts out there. An important factor is that the whole establishment has been rebuilt from the ground up in 2013. Furthermore, there are now two “villages” (Italian Village and South Seas) adjacent to the resort that offer a varied range of activities and wonderful sights to see.

There is no need to mention that the resort features a great number of private pools, great service, excellent food and beautifully adorned spacious rooms. On top of that, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, or practice any kind of water sport, as well as land sport available within the resort’s grounds. The price of a room is $820 for each person, per night.

2. Jamaica’s Sandals Royal Plantation

aerial view of a beach


When it comes to the size of this particular resort, you will be surprised to hear that this ranks as one of the smallest Sandals resort on this list. However, do not be discouraged! The Royal Plantation is one of the top 10 best Sandals resort in the Caribbean. In 2010, it was featured as one of the most luxurious resorts, according to the TripAdvisor readers. It is the perfect place for a quiet, well-deserved time off either alone or with your family.

Also, there is a wide range of activities that you can enjoy. Starting from a relaxed game of pool and all the way to setting sail on a Catamaran, there is nothing you can’t do.If you want to experience one of the best Sandals resort experiences, you will need to pay $1015 for each person, per night.

3. Sandals Emerald Bay – Bahamas

helicopter shot


This exotic resort is located along the Atlantic coast and features a mile-long beach with immaculate sands, multiple pools and crystal-clear waters. It is a rather large setting that offers a great deal of activities such as scuba diving and various water sports and even features a professional golf course. Despite its size, the Sandals Emerald Bay is also secluded. Even though it is only 7 miles from the airport, a shuttle is provided that offers free drinks and food.

If you want to spend a great time in this wonderful beach house with a breathtaking ocean view, you will have to pay $284 for each person, per night.

4. Sandals Royal Bahamian – Nassau, Bahamas

outside pool


Another amazing place you need to take into account if you’re looking for secluded places is the Royal Bahamian Spa & Resort. This particular establishment is only 40 minutes away from Miami but is completely sheltered from the buzz of the city. Also, it features an offshore island with a swim up bar that is only a mile away. The resort itself is made up of two large separate buildings, 7 restaurants and two large pools with swim up bars.

All in all, this location will make for a perfect quiet place for you to spend your vacation. Also, a great number of fun activities you can choose from are at your disposal. Snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, ping pong are just a few examples of things you can do while staying at this resort. The starting price for the all-inclusive Sandals experience at this marvelous resort is $302 for each person, per night.

5. Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Resort

aerial view of a beach resort


This particular resort features a 5-star hotel, 12 restaurants, 5 outdoor pools and 6 bars. It is an all-inclusive couples-only resort, which means it is one of the best Sandals resort suggestions when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Also, the Pigeon Island National Park is only 7 minutes away.

Like all Sandals resorts, there are plenty of activities you can attend to while spending your time there. The calm crystal-clear water is great for diving and there are also a lot of water sports you can try. Even if you feel insecure about yourself, there is a team that specializes in water sports that will help you every step of the way. You can also pay an extra fee to take part in fun excursions, but this is totally up to you. To get the all-inclusive Sandals experience, you will have to pay $350 for each person, per night.

6. Sandals Grande Antigua Spa & Resort

outdoors pool


Even though this is not a couples-only resort, the Grande Antigua is one of the most romantic best Sandals resort recommendations on this list. It is, however, an adults-only resort, which means that taking your children with you is not advised. The resort is approximately 8 miles away from the airport. However, a shuttle is provided for you in order to get there.

Once you get there you can choose to eat in any of the 11 restaurants present. If you’re not keen on swimming in the ocean, you can choose to take a dip in one of the 6 pools that you have at your disposal. Or if you don’t want to get yourself wet, you can enjoy a relaxing game of pool or relax at the spa. If you wish to spend your honeymoon here, you will have to pay $741 for each person, per night.

7. Sandals Ochi Beach Resort – Jamaica

sandals ochi resort


This spectacular resort has undergone some major changes and has been formally relaunched with numerous additions and improvements. There is a total of 16 restaurants to choose from every time you want to go out for dinner and 11 bars that serve all kinds of beverages. Furthermore, it features a beach club and the first Caribbean speakeasy restaurant. The total surface is over 100 acres with both luxurious landscapes as well as secluded areas perfectly suited for couples.

As for entertainment within the resort’s grounds, there are plenty of fun activities to attend. The Ochi Beach Resort features multiple tennis courts, a shuffleboard area, ping pong and pool tables and even a life-size chess board. Furthermore, movies are played outside almost every night if you just want to relax with a bag of nachos or popcorn. If you choose to make this your next holiday destination, you should know that the price starts from $339 for each person, per night.

8. Sandals Montego Bay – Jamaica

a beach resort


This luxurious couples-only destination is the very first Sandals resort ever created. Also, it is built on the longest white sand private beach in Jamaica. It is only 2,5 miles away from the airport, 4 miles from downtown Montego Bay and 5.5 miles from the Bob Marley Experience, which sets the location just perfect between major points of interest.

The thing that sets this resort apart is the fact that the theme of the midnight parties constantly changes. Also, there are many observation points that offer spectacular views of the surroundings. Other activities include water sports or court sports, swimming, scuba diving or sightseeing. All in all, if you want a taste of the first ever and also one of the best Sandals resort, be sure to visit this magnificent place. The price for each person that spends a day in this paradise on Earth starts from $378 per night.

9. Sandals Carlyle – Jamaica

beach resort


Another great resort that you can find in Jamaica is the Carlyle. It is also the smallest among the best Sandals resort recommendations with a total of only 52 rooms available. Nevertheless, this represents a nice opportunity to get the Sandals experience for a considerably reduced amount of money.

Also, this cozy establishment surrounded by tropical gardens delivers the traditional Jamaican ambiance and includes “dine and play” privileges for two nearby Sandals resorts. As for the range of activities provided, there is an endless number of possibilities that involve both water sports as well as land sports. All these are available for the price of only $192 for each person, per night.

10. Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa – Jamaica

helicpoter shot of the whitehouse resort


If you’re looking for one of the latest additions to the Sandals resorts, this is it! The Whitehouse resort combines three different styles of European settlements such as French, Italian and Dutch. Also, this magnificent place features the largest Jamaican pool. Furthermore, among the restaurants, bars and outdoor pools, this location includes a mall, as well.

You can find here some of the best restaurants, cafes and dinners Sandals has to offer. You can choose to spoil yourself with the best traditional French desserts that you can find at Café Paris. Furthermore, the menu changes constantly throughout the day, so you don’t have to eat the same thing twice and you will never run out of options. If you want to try a special dish for a second time that really got your attention, you can ask the chef.If a thing is for sure it’s that the Sandals resort employees will never run out of kindness and hospitality.  All of these wonderful things are available for the price of $390 for each person, per night.

Who Should Visit?

Most of the Sandals resorts offer all-inclusive couples-only services, but there are some that provide an excellent environment for families with children, as well. All of the resorts are fitted for newly married couples who wish to spend their honeymoon in style. However, there are some equally luxurious resorts that anyone can visit just to escape the city buzz.


A great vacation is only as good as the location and company. Since this list of best Sandals resort feature the most luxurious places on Earth, your problem when it comes to choosing the location is no more. When it comes to choosing your company, however, it is totally up to you. Even if you’re going alone, you will find here, for sure, a great place to take some well-deserved time off.

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