Free Things to Do in Austria

vienna citz hall

When you generally say Austria, you know that life is expensive there and planning a vacation in this country will cost tourists a fortunate. Not necessarily, if you keep in mind a variety of festivals, museums, sights or galleries where there’s no tax to pay. As long as you consider the entertainment part for an affordable budget or other free things to do in Austria, spending your vacation there will not seem so expensive.

No matter what Austrian city you are planning to visit this summer, it is important to do there are lots of activities free of charge to do. For example, it is free entrance to most churches, markets, galleries, gardens or parks, great places to combine art with history,  shopping with architecture, in accordance to your tastes.

Depending on which city you are planning to go, Austria’s tradition say lots of folklore festivals happen throughout the year, most of them taking place in outdoor places, where it is usually no taxes to pay. But, it is highly recommended to ask details about the area you are going.

If you are going with your family, children up to the six age are free of charge for public transportation. Moreover, there are Austrian cities that allow children up to 15 years old accompanied by an adult to travel for free. The main idea is that any travel with kids will bring special reductions for you.

In December month, during Christmas, both tourists and locals can enjoy Christmas Markets and feel the holiday atmosphere in lots of Austrian cities and towns, the perfect period to get into a holiday and festive mood. Let’s not forget the New Year’s Eve celebrated in important Austrian towns such as Innsbruck, Vienna, Salzburg and others, where tourists can watch the fireworks and more street shows organized with this occasion.

If your next travel destination is the amazing and lovely Vienna, it is important to know which are the free events and concerts worth a visit:

  • Summer night concert performed by Vienna Philharmonic takes place in June and is a huge opportunity to be part of this impressive open air performance. This amazing show can be watched in the gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace and is a great occasion for classical music lovers to listen one of the most famous orchestras.
  • Festival on the Danube Island in Vienna in June is one big party for European young people. For three days (June 28-30,  2013) important starts will entertain those who join the party.
  • Lots of coffee shops can be found in Vienna that offer free piano concerts during the day

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