Ideas for Your Next Road Trip in Europe

If you are planning a road trip in Europe, expect to see fairy-tale castles, amazing landscapes, and  breathtaking scenery. Although many talk about the classic American road trip, Europe promises to offer equally stunning adventures. If you have been dreaming to discover Europe by car for a while, these are the best European driving routes that promise to reward tourists with unbelievable beauty.

1. The Transfagarasan Mountain Road, Romania

This is one of the most impressive European roads. It starts from south to north in Curtea de Arges and goes all the way through the tallest Carpathian mountains, called the Fagaras Mountains. Also known as the national road 7C, it was initially built as a strategic military route. The 90 km Transfagarasan connects two major Romanian cities: Pitesti and Sibiu. Back in 2009, the popular British show, Top Gear filmed along this road, which was named as one of the best in the world.

2. The Flower Route, Netherlands

One of the best driving routes in Europe, the Flower Route will offer an amazing views of colorful flower fields for all tourists passing through Holland. The best time to drive along this route is in April-May, when it is the densest concentration and mixture of flowers. The scenery here looks more like a gorgeous painting in bright and vivid colors. The view is so impressive that many tourists stop and stay some minutes just to admire the dream-like flower fields.

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Also known as the Costiera Amalfitana, this European driving route offers one of the most relevant scene of Italy’s coastlines. Very closed to the sea, the road proves stunning panoramas all the way of your road trip in Europe. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking with pastel villages, luxurious gardens, beautiful mountains, and turquoise water. The road will take you through a classical Mediterranean landscape filled with culture and natural beauty: the Amalfi Coast, which is part of UNESCO World Heritage List. The best time to go and visit this Italian coast is during the summer season.

4. The Romantic Road, Germany

Do not miss this route during your next road trip in Europe! The Romantic Road links Wurzburg and Fussen in southern Germany, and it is a great alternative as you get back from Italy. This is a route that will please the traveler with impressive medieval churches, castles, villages and towns.

5. Athenian Riviera, Greece

If you love sunny weather, Homer, and the Troy, you should absolutely include Greece as a travel destination during your next road trip in Europe. You can start in Athens, and take the coastal roads to the Attic peninsula. You will be rewarded with magical landscapes, gorgeous beaches, mythic mountains, and amazing places filled with history and legends.


Sometimes a road trip in Europe can be more exciting and adventurous than a flight to your next destination. Actually, there’s no better way to visit a part of Europe than by car. Arm yourself with lots of music, a great companion, a camera, and a good mood.

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