Top reasons to Visit Vatican City


Any tourist’s travel to Rome isn’t complete without a visit to Vatican city, also known as the Holy City. With a population of around 800 people and an area of approximately 44 hectares, it is considered to be the smallest independent recognized state in the world, the home of Pope and the center of Catholicism.

Catholics or orthodox people came here every year to discover the surroundings of the Vatican area, listen to the Pope and find out the story of this small place on earth. There are plenty of good reasons to go and see Vatican city, full of artworks and history, where each building has something to share to its visitors.

This area has been the home of the Pope since the 14th century and is one of the top reasons why thousands of people come here for religious purposes. Vatican has still many other reasons to attract tourists, such as culture and history, including must-see points of interests like the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Sistine Chapel, museums or beautiful views.

Its history and people’s curiosity to know and discover interesting things about Vatican is among the top reason to visit the city. A string of historic events took place in this area, considering the recent election of the new Pope. Since the fall of the Rome empire, this small city has been chosen the principal religion of Italy with the Pope being the most representative figure. The Pope’s election follows strict rules and the Cardinals have a great contribution to this election, gathering large crowds who come to see and listen the Pope’s speech.

Saint Peter’s square and basilica are the places where thousands of people come every year in Vatican to admire this beautiful location. Being one of the most impressive buildings, the basilica is one of the largest churches in the world of the Renascence architecture. Michelangelo is probably the well-known artist with a significant contribution to the basilica’s painting where people can enter for free, but with a properly dressed code.

Sistine Chapel is an impressive artwork dated from 1473 and the main location where Cardinals choose a new Pope. This chapel is best known for its amazing construction with beautiful walls inside painted by a number of impressive Renaissance artists, including the artist Michelangelo. The painter is the author of a famous frescoes with a central scene describing creation and the story of Noah.

The Vatican museums attract also the tourists interested to discover the 1400 rooms from them, as one of the largest museum complex in the world. Because of its vastness, it is recommended to take a guided tour to show you the surroundings.

The Vatican offers also amazing views than can be seen from the Monte Mario, where you can have a large panorama of this small yet amazing city. If you considered Latin an usefulness language in the high school, than come to Vatican, because is the official language, while English is spoken too.

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